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March 30, 2021
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March 30, 2021
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Grant Writing Workshop

In November 2020, we hosted a grant writing workshop led by facilitators from Makerere University commissioned by AfriCLP. The workshop explored grant writing from the beginning, from crafting an idea, to creating a proposal and gauging where to publish. 

Here is some feedback from the fellows who attended;

  1. Today’s Presentations focus on d components of Development Project proposals. Prototypes of research problems were developed from conceptual knowledge, expert skills and stakeholder’s engagement to formulate Research Problem Tree
  2. Today’s presentations were excellent, sure that is exactly what happen. Our basic research should be embedded in development research projects
  3. I learnt about the development of the Problem Tree and the transition to the Objective Tree. I learnt more from what was not spoken though: Our problems are pretty similar; our solutions could be too. A good number of calls require bi or tri-lateral collaboration. If it can work in one country it can surely work in another and another etc. It’s good to know that some counterparts are just an email away.

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