Climate Leadership Workshop

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March 30, 2021
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Climate Leadership Workshop

In October 2020 we kicked off training in Climate Leadership by Strathmore University to our community commissioned by AfriCLP. Some of the topics were; Communication skills for an effective leader, managing for performance, building and leading high performing teams, essence of leadership; self-awareness and self-mastery. 

Here is some feedback from the session from the fellows who attended;

  • Today’s Program really provides us with synergies on how to renew our visions and passions in contributing to a developed society and succeed on our leadership path
  • I liked the lessons from the KCIC establishment. The need imperative of performance management was also outstanding and I think with the new era of Covid-19, this is important as most subordinates are working from home and therefore how do we get them to deliver. The need to also deliver beyond activities.
  • A good transparent session. Perhaps he could spend a few minutes and provide a few examples of some of the climate innovations they have dealt with.
  • Mrs. Irene Kinuthia’s insights on principles of productivity and leadership practices were certainly relevant. 

Building and leading high performing teams can be an extremely challenging proposition.

It is certainly less taxing to lead a team that one has had a chance to build. It is a different proposition when one is presented with an already established team.

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